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      Questions to Ask

      Ask these important questions of any shop before giving them the job.

      1. composeAre you an AGSC-Registered Member Company?
      2. Do all the materials you use meet or exceed ANSI Z 26.1 and all pertinent Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards?
      3. Does your adhesive manufacturer certify you, and who is the manufacturer of the adhesive?
      4. What type of warranty can I expect?
      5. How soon after my glass is replaced will I be able to use my vehicle?
      Watch this video of how your windshield plays a role in the effectiveness of your vehicles air-bag.

      What role does my windshield play to ensure my safety in an accident?

      The windshield provides a significant amount of strength to the structural support in the cabin of the vehicle. For instance, in a front end collision the windshield provides up to 45% of the structural integrity of the cabin of the vehicle and in a rollover, up to 60%.

      cautionThink about that for just a moment. How would you like for over half of the force of a collision to be absorbed by YOU because your windshield flew out in an accident? It happens more times than most of us are aware.

      The windshield is an integral part of the safety restraint system in your car. It keeps the roof from crushing in on you in a rollover, it allows the airbags to deploy in the correct position to cushion passengers, and prevents you and your family from being ejected in a serious collision. It’s important to your family’s safety that the automotive glass in your vehicle be installed properly.